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Commercial Voice Over and Voice Talent Services with professional Voice Overs from Voice Actor Greg Gray. If you need voice talent for radio commercials, TV commercials, movie trailer voice overs, documentary voice over, narration, cartoon voice overs and character voice acting... contact Greg Gray for a great job and fast turn around.

As a voice over actor, Greg Gray will take your production to the next level! Voice Overs for all media and projects. From big budget hollywood movie trailer voice overs to independent film and low budget voice overs...Greg can deliver!


3D animation has evolved as one of the most popular products of today's computer age. The demand for computer animation in movies as well as the use of 3D animation in various media for promotion and animation continues to grow and grow.

The tremendous power of animation in TV commercials is that it gives advertisers the ability to let their imaginations run wild - just about anything your mind can conjure can be brought to life in animation.

Greg Gray uses Lightwave 3d to produce animation for clients desiring the highest level of production value. LightWave is used extensively in broadcast television production, film visual effects, video game development, print graphics and visualization, LightWave is responsible for more artists winning Emmy® Awards than any other 3D application.


TV commercials, video for internet applications, corporate videos, podcasts and more. Greg Gray has the experience and expertise to give your project a professional look and creative feel. Using digital video and Final Cut Pro for editing and creative tools such as After Effects and Lightwave 3D for the latest in graphics and visual effects, Greg Gray Media can raise your production project to the highest standards for quality and value.


Greg Gray Media, can build entire websites in Flash, simple openings or embedded animations. Using the power of Flash Greg Gray can give your website viewers exciting multimedia interactivity with shortened download times.

Greg Gray and Flash can power your company's website ahead of the competition. Using professionally rendered 3D Shockwave graphics and user-friendly Flash interfacing, Greg Gray can help you market your company's product in the 21st century.


So what makes a good website?

These certainly aren’t the only elements to a great site, but you need to start with these. You’ll never have a good website without them. Let Greg Gray help you put a website together that will attract viewers and produce results.